Your limited edition fine art print is rendered on luxurious, museum-grade Giclee paper, The beauty of Giclee Prints is seen in the ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors.

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

About the Series: Emergence

My latest artistic exploration is about the discovery of self. As a single mother in my 40’s, I’ve recently discovered I’ve held myself back by believing self-neglecting narratives.

As my daughter began blooming into a young woman, I forced myself to look in the mirror and see myself through her eyes. I finally understand I can not settle for anything less than my absolute best. 

This series is about inner contemplation and self reflection. Through this series, I’m inviting viewers to reflect on their own identities, dismantle self-limiting narratives and embrace their own journey of self-discovery


8" x"12", 12" X 16", 16" X 18"


Matte Giclee, Glossy Giclee

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